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The Motorola XTL 5000 Digital Mobile Radio is equipped to meet the most demanding needs of your organization. Whether you are enroute or on site, across the street or across the state, this mobile radio assures crisp, continuous and high quality communications.

The Motorola XTL 5000 Digital Mobile Radio with its new architecture and design, is equipped to meet the most demanding needs of your organization. This robust Project 25 compliant mobile assures crisp, continuous and high quality communication. The XTL 5000 is for radio users who require high performance, quality and reliability in their daily communications.

  • User Guide
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Channels – 512
  • Power – 10–35 watts/700/800MHz, 50–110 watts/VHF 10–50 watts, 40–110 watts/UHF1 10–40 watts, UHF2 10–45 watts
  • Keypad – W3, W7, W9 — Yes, W4, W5 — No
  • Display – Yes
  • Mil Spec – 810 C, D, E, F
  • Dimensions H x W x L – 2.0” x 7.1” x 9.1”
  • Weight – 6.1 lbs.
  • Frequency – 700/800MHz (764–870MHz), VHF (136–174MHz), UHF1 (350–470MHz), UHF2 (450–520MHz)


  • System Configurations

    The XTL 5000 mobile radio is capable of the following: ASTRO 25 Digital Trunking, ASTRO Analog and Digital Trunking, and Analog and Digital Conventional.

  • Enhanced Frequency Spectrum Utilization

    The XTL 5000 mobile radio is designed to offer multiple frequency band solutions for perfect system optimization in congested urban areas or wider country regions. Motorola currently offers the 700/800 MHz dual band (764-870MHz), 10-35 watt variable power, UHF Range 1 10-40watt, expanding the frequency span by starting at 380MHz (380-470MHz) as well as VHF (136-174MHz), 10-50 watt, UHF Range 2 10–45 watt, expanding the frequency span (450–520MHz).

  • Integrated Voice and Data

    The XTL 5000 mobile radio is capable of further enhancements such as Integrated Voice and Data and Status Message Service.

  • Control Head Variety

    The XTL 5000 mobile is available in five different control head configurations including the W3 Handheld Control Head, W4, 05, W7 and W9 ASTRO Spectra control heads. Existing ASTRO Spectra Control heads can be reused with the new mobile transceiver.

  • Motorcycle Configuration

    Along with the standard mobile configurations, the XTL 5000 can also be ordered as a Motorcycle mobile radio with 10-15 watt variable power. Specific options provide water resistant microphone, speakers and control heads for Motorcycle applications along with an enclosure for mounting the mobile transceiver.

  • Enhanced Encryption

    The security features of the XTL 5000 mobile include Type III and Type IV encryption including DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB, DVI-XL, DVP-XL and AES algorithms. Also supports Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP).

  • FLASHport Software Upgrades

    Allows you to add capabilities and features to your radios as your communication needs evolve.

  • Supports 512 channels with all Control Heads
  • Dash or Remote Mount
  • Supports most ASTRO Spectra Accessories
  • Dual Control Head Capability
  • Control Station Operation
  • Windows-based Customer Programming Software (CPS)
  • Network Availability

    Digital or Analog, Conventional or Trunking, Encryption, APCO Project 25 Capable, 12.5/25 kHz channel spacing, 700MHz/800MHz frequency band.