Terms & Conditions:

  • Credit can be used only towards a purchase of new Two-Way Radio Equipment (Handhelds, Mobile Radios or Base Stations)
  • Radios must be sent with Antenna, Battery, Belt Clip and Charger.
  • The radio credity varies depending on the radio model, condition and age of equipment.


  • Accessories Included:

  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip

What is the condition of your radio?

GOOD: Radio is in working, near perfect condition. The radio's plastic case is clean and has no major scrathces or defects, no engraving or painting. Radio has all buttons and knobs. Antenna connector, accessory jack, battery latch, and belt clip are not broken.

OK: The radio works or pwers on but does not transmit or receive. The radio has some scratches on the case but no engraving or painting. If there is a display it is in good working condition. Radio might have broken or missing knobs, buttons, antenna jack or accessory jack but not a combinatin of two or more of the above. Battery latch and belt clip are not broken.

BAD: Cracked, broken, engraved, painted, very scratched and dirty radio case, cracked or broken display. Combination of missing or broken knobs and buttons, broken antenna connector, battery latch, belt clip or broken accessory jack. Radio does not power on at all.


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