Product Detail

Motorola CommandSTAR Lite Features

•Sophisticated software for remote programming troubleshooting and maintenance, system configuration, and statistics logging

  • For mid-size dispatch operations with up to 10 operator positions
  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations with the flexibility to add individual auxiliary control modules and channel control modules
  • Up to 8 base stations or repeaters can interface to each operator position
  • Equipped with 12 alphanumeric keys for telephone dialing and entering signaling codes; a 2 line x 16 character display shows date, time, paging alias, paging status, queued MDC 1200 messages, console features, programming and test functions


  • Dispatcher Busy Indication – LED signals when there is audio present, indicating a dispatcher is involved in a radio or telephone conversation. It helps to minimize disruptions.
  • One Button Paging – Buttons on the Auxiliary Control Module can be pre-defined with paging destinations; including channel, frequency, page format, and cap code. A single page transmission can be sent out to multiple pagers by depressing up to 16 page buttons prior to page transmit. Provides a fast and accurate paging method.
  • Patch with Memory and Instant Transmit – Any combination of available radio channels can be patched together, regardless of band, with any number of available phone lines or call director circuits.
  • Stat-Alert Signaling – MDC 1200 data signaling format supports the following functions of a per channel basis using a DCCM with display. It allows users to manage their mobile fleets in a more efficient manner by inter-mixing voice and data transmissions on a standard radio channel. Data can be decoded per channel, allowing for no interference of channel activities.