Specialized Communication Solutions

Did you know that Industrial Communications is not your typical two-way radio shop? Industrial Communications enhances its wireless portfolio with Specialized Communication Solutions to form an integrated approach to your specific needs. From GPS systems to Data Telemetry, our Systems Design and Engineering team will facilitate customizing a soluti

Systems Design and Engineering

Systems Design and Engineering Our Team of product specialists can design a system to suit your needs now and in future, employing the scalability principle to optimize your investment.

Service and Repair

Radio systems are mission critical and need to be reliable which is why A Service Agreement is important. It protects your investment, preventative maintenance reduces downtime and maintains a high level of equipment performance and equipment reliability.

Graphics Department

On-site design, printing and application of customized graphics for your vehicles and equipment. Your choice of color and size is available through our dedicated graphics department.


Renting is ideal for a variety of organizations and situations where the need for communications equipment isn’t permanent. Convention Services. Fairs and Festivals. Security Companies. Concerts. Special Events. Construction Projects. Short-term Projects. Event Management. Protochemical/Refinery Construction and Maintenance Shutdowns. Transportat

Parts and Accessories

Industrial Communications supplies parts and accessories to compliment all your wireless communications products. Accessories add special value to your system by allowing customization to meet your specific needs. We offer a tremendous mix of accessories to select from.


Experience one of the most efficient; state of the art, and private communications networks in Central and South Texas. Industrial Communications provides a wide-area, networked trunking communication system for those users who need wide-area coverage. Our trunk system is an affordable, high quality communications choice for your business – and



Trade In Program

Trade In Program

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