Industrial Communications provided me a live saving communication solution. Here is my story. I own a ranch on the Texas border. I was at the bottom of a hill and Jack was driving the tractor up in the hill which one of the two radio units was installed into. I noticed something run up to the trailer located at the top of hill.

I was driving up the hill and then saw 2-3 guys running towards the tractor. I called Jack on the radio and told him to lock himself in the tractor. As I made my way up the hill I saw that there were 3 guys hiding behind the tractor. I called Jack on the radio and told him what was going on. Jack could not see the guys. There are always illegal immigrants coming up from where I am located and you never know if they are armed, violent, drug smugglers, gang members, and dangerous.

When I got to the tractor, I got out of the truck (armed) and made my way to the guys who were illegal immigrants. I made them all load up in the back of my truck and called a point of contact from Border Patrol. Just as I was about to leave, I noticed the guys in the truck looking a little nervous. I then noticed 3 more guys doing exactly what the first three did. I called Jack to let him know. Jack and I got those guys loaded up as well. I asked them if there were anymore. Sure enough, there were 3 more. Nine guys total. Both Jack and I were in disbelief. They were all about 19 years old and definitely up to no good.

It was when I drove off with the guys (headed to meet Border Patrol) that Jack thanked me because he felt that I had saved his life. If it weren’t for the radios, I don’t know what could’ve happened. This is why we were using two way radios out there because cell phones drop all the time. There was an incident in another state where illegal immigrants had killed a rancher. This is not just an isolated story. The ranchers work with Border Patrol. We use our radios everyday, in every way possible. Whether just communicating what needs to be done or if any of them ever notice “fresh tracks” which will indicate if there is a big group or small group and we call one another immediately to warn everyone. We got the radios for safety.

Ranch Owner (Texas)

I want to take a moment to thank you all for all the hard work and patience you all put into this project. Today, after over 3 years of work, I was able to demonstrate our new portable MSAT G2 kits. Everyone was impressed.

The original goal was just to check the systems when your technician arrived for the fixed installation. The portable kits were set up in our break room. As a result they became the talk of the day. Everyone was impressed with the craftsmanship as well as the technology. Our Finance section folks were also excited. They rarely get to see the projects they are working on as it is normally pricing, accounting and rules. Today they got to see the much talked about “MSATs”. Again, they were impressed.

The units were seen by many on our staff, including our Chief, who was happy to see them as well.

I want to give a special thanks to your technician , who has done yeoman’s work on this project. Today was cold, wet, and at times there was sleet. He worked hard troubleshooting the fixed system, to include several trips on our roof (again, in the elements). Going to our roof from our sub-sub level, is the equivalent of going up 5-6 flights of commercial stairs. He also assisted in testing the portable units. This was outdoors to include some sleet. His attitude was and has always been outstanding. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be partnering with Industrial Communications and Network Innovations as we keep the citizens of Texas and our nation safe.

Thank you for all you do.

Technical Operations Specialist / WebEOC Support / SRO
Texas Department of Public Safety

Thank you so much. The guys did a great job. If the time goes over please add the additional time to the invoice. I appreciate your effort to take care of us. Industrial has always taken good care of us and that stands true today.

Director of Operations, South Central Texas School District



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